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Solitaire-y Confinement

So one thing I plan to do better in 2012 is delegate more often and more wisely.  (I mean delegating can only go too far, right?  Like there’s NO way I ever send someone to the liquor store for me!)  I was poised to pen some prose about the dopes at the gym who would be better served sitting at the Five Guys next door.  Case in point, I literally ran yesterday next to a chick who was playing solitaire on the video monitor on her treadmill… and she was 28 years-old tops!!!!  I have to believe the act of  chewing a triple bacon cheeseburger would burn more calories.

But then I happened upon this following gem of an article (thanks for writing Jason Gay; and for forwarding KC!).  I couldn’t summarize my observations better, so here you go.  I present to you my first delegated task of 2012:

And for you marketers out there, I’ll be following up with the lessons we all can take from this genius composition in a day or two.